PPX Facade System

Professional exterior.

Impeccable quality.

Anticrack - a special solution that prevents

cracks on the walls.

Surface finishes and paints

Unique wall finishes Armourcoat® -

extremely strong, durable seamless

plasters and paints. Each one has its

unique texture and design.

Designer finishes

"Our textures will become the pride of your interior!"

Original collections of wall finishes by Ukrainian designers manufactured by Faktura.ua Decor Studio from Armourcoat® materials.

2007: The Name of Brand

Exactly in that year was born the name: Decor studio “Faktura.UA”®, we are proud to wear till this day.

Along with updating of the brand, the strategy also was refreshed. The main purpose of the next stage of the “Faktura.UA”® was to increase our own capabilities and to create our own style.


Tirelessly expanding the scope of directions and actively increasing of our market share, the company goes on a national level. Now geography of project covers almost all regions, and company starts to feels the need to create a network of offices in major cities.

2005: Formation

Within two years after establishment, we have opened our own premium-class showroom in central part of Donetsk. Appearance of it, without any exaggeration, has had a tremendous impact on the market of decorative coatings of Donbass.

Decor studio “Faktura.UA”® (at that time - "Decor Center") is developing successfully and becoming one of the leaders and the "trend setters" in the field of decorative finishes. At the same time the company opens up new prospects, beginning to develop new directions and materials.

2003: Founding of the company

This year, our company was founded in Donetsk. The founders was the team of like-minded people, among whom were those with extensive experience in the field of interior decorative coatings. At that time the company was called "Decor Centre", and was an exclusive representative of the Italian brand.

Since inception we have always been dynamic, proactive team whose main goal is to gain market leadership.

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