PPX Facade System

Professional exterior.

Impeccable quality.

Anticrack - a special solution that prevents

cracks on the walls.

Surface finishes and paints

Unique wall finishes Armourcoat® -

extremely strong, durable seamless

plasters and paints. Each one has its

unique texture and design.

Designer finishes

"Our textures will become the pride of your interior!"

Original collections of wall finishes by Ukrainian designers manufactured by Faktura.ua Decor Studio from Armourcoat® materials.

2018 год: ООО «Фактура Групп» получила престижное звание (статус) «Лидер года 2018» по результатам общегосударственного Национального бизнес-рейтинга Украины, что подтверждает финансово – экономические успехи компании и высокую деловую репутацию.


Фактура Групп стала партнером ряда общеобразовательных мероприятий для дизайнеров Украины.

С 2018г. Фактура Групп стала официальным импортером продукции компании Arturo (Нидерланды) и предоставляет дизайнерские и промышленные покрытия для полов.


2017: The Faktura Group LLC received a prestigious title "Leader of the Year 2017" based on the results of the Ukrainian national business rating.

2015 1

In June 2017, the Decor Studio "FAKTURA.UA" presented some new surface finishes and new opportunities for interiors and exteriors:

• the Metal Effects metalized coating

• the PPX Armourcoat professional facade system

• a new collection of decorative finishes - Miami

On October 4, 2017, the prestigious Art Space interior prize awarding ceremony was held in the National Opera of Ukraine. "Faktura.UA"has been the organizer of this event since 2013. The goal of the Art Space project is to develop the image of Ukrainian design, discover new names and shape the public aesthetic taste by supporting of the talented architects and designers. And of course, to show the whole world that we have talented and creative people.


2016: "Faktura.UA" and designer Yury Zimenko developed two new surface finishes collections: "Op-Art surface finishes" and "InDigo"

2015 12016 2

In 2016, the Decor Studio "Factura.UA" and the talented Ukrainian designer Yury Zimenko worked hard to create new and unique collections for walls and ceilings. Thanks to our dedicated work and extraordinary restraint, a new gradient collection of decorative textures for walls - "InDigo" - was proudly presented at the international exhibition Interior Mebel 2016. It was created from ArmourColor Perlata, the decorative Armourcoat paint with a flicker effect.

Also, the leading Ukrainian designer Yuri Zimenko and the Decor Studio "Faktura.UA" developed their original "Op-Art surface finishes" collection, which reproduces the effect of optical illusions in combination with the decorative coating Rusteel ("rusty walls" effect).

Armourcoat and the Decor Studio "Faktura.UA" organized and held the ArtSpace 2015 interior award.

March 31, 2016, the ArtSpace winners went to conquer London as a prize. Each of them had an opportunity to hold their presentation for the English general public in the field of architecture and design.

2015: ArmourColor Rusteel won the prestigious "Product of the Year 2015" award!
2015 12015 2

At the Kiev International Furniture Forum KiFF, the Decor Studio "Faktura.UA" presented a novelty in the world of wall decoration – the "Rusteel” surface finish with a rusty walls effect from Armourcoat. The new material won the prestigious “Product of the Year 2015” award at the SHOPFITTERS Awards Association (NAS).


At the gala concert of the ArtSpace 2015 interior prize, Armourcoat CEO Guy Whitehead announced the winner of the special nomination "Armourcoat in the Interior". The leading Ukrainian architect Nikolai Gulik won it with the project "VO".


A new office of the Decor Studio "Factura.UA" opened in the rapidly developing capital of Kazakhstan - Astana.


The Decor Studio "Faktura.UA" and our partners launched a new coworking "ZALA" in Kiev, Ukraine.


Also, this year was marked by the creation of the original surface finishes collections by Ukrainian designers and the Décor Studio "Faktura.UA". One of them was the "SKY" collection by the designer Yuri Zimenko and the other was the collection "Fragile Touch" by Victoria Faynblat.

2014: Presentation of Armourcoat & Faktura.UA in London, UK
2014 12014 2

The Decor Studio "Faktura.UA" presented a unique collection of surface finishes Armourcoat "Signature Collection" by Duncan Mackellar, the Owner and Creative Director of Armourcoat.


In September, 2014, the Decor Studio "Faktura.UA" and Armourcoat organized a presentation for leading Ukrainian designers in London during the 100% Design London International Design Exhibition.


The Decor Studio "Faktura.UA" presented the Timber Effect wall panels collection from Armourcoat.

2013: Show-room updating of the Decor Studio "Faktura.UA"

Studio YOD Design Lab (Nepiyvoda Vladimir, Dimitri Bonesko) specifically for Decor Studio "Faktura.UA" has developed a trend stand, which has become one of the highlights of the exhibition Interior Mebel 2013.

Decor Studio "Faktura.UA" introduced a new collection of decorative plasters Armourcoat Rustygrider and a system of panels ArmourFX.

Also, in the Show-room in Donetsk and Kiev had place the upgrade show-rooms that did not go unnoticed and print in Ukrainaian media and have a good feedback beetwen designers / architects of Ukraine. 


2012: Expansion of a dealer network

Decor Studio "Faktura.UA" actively developing its dealer network and opens the Show-Room in Simferopol. Special guest at the presentation of opening show-room - Sergey Makhno, one of the leading designers of Ukraine.

Representatives of the Show-Room operate throughout the ARC.


2011: International cooperation
log na volnaxlog

At the beginning of the year, Decor studio “Faktura.UA”® has entered into exclusive agreements with companies Armourcoat® (UK) and Dreamworlds® (Germany).


Becoming a representative of these companies on the territory of Ukraine (Armourcoat®) and the CIS (Dreamworlds®), we have significantly expanded the list of partner companies, which had already attended brands Fratelli Mareska™ and Stencils™.


The updated strategy of the company was assigned to conduct a full re-branding.
The new style of “Faktura.UA”® reflects our philosophy of modern public company and the beauty of textures of the materials and coatings that we represent.


2010: Diversification
salon 10fmss

In 2010 Decor studio “Faktura.UA”® signed an exclusive contracts with brands Fratelli Mareska® and Stencils®.

These events marked the beginning of radical change and expansion of the range of products submitted.

Becoming the exclusive representative of these brands in Ukraine "Faktura.UA"®
began to actively develop the directions of frescoes and patterns.

2009: New Horizons
Opening of our own showroom in Kiev was an impressive final for two years of thorough preparation for expansion. This event marked the beginning of the process of creating the all-Ukrainian network of “Faktura.UA”® showrooms.

Thanks to its versatility and originality, Decor studio “Faktura.UA”® has quickly become a major player in the capital market of decorative interior coatings.


Leading architects are using our materials and services in their projects, and latest developments of our company and our partners continue to have no equal in Ukraine.

 Working with renowned international companies as well as with the best architects in the country, Decor studio felt the need to create a strong, recognizable brand, as well as the establishment of friendly and open relationships with clients. In order to achieve these goals, it was decided to develop and implement a comprehensive communication campaign, which was launched in 2010.

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