PPX Facade System

Professional exterior.

Impeccable quality.

Anticrack - a special solution that prevents

cracks on the walls.

Surface finishes and paints

Unique wall finishes Armourcoat® -

extremely strong, durable seamless

plasters and paints. Each one has its

unique texture and design.

Designer finishes

"Our textures will become the pride of your interior!"

Original collections of wall finishes by Ukrainian designers manufactured by Faktura.ua Decor Studio from Armourcoat® materials.


PPX Professional Facade System

Professional exterior. Impeccable quality.

The professional facade system PPX Armourcoat is a high-quality material that has high strength and allows creating perfectly smooth or textured stone surfaces.

PPX includes hydrophobic polymers that form a vapor permeable layer resistant to all atmospheric influences.

The PPX system has a high degree of adhesion to most building materials (brickwork, concrete, insulation, etc.).

The professional facade system PPX meets the strict standards of thermal insulation, has a high wear resistance and does not depend on the effects of weather conditions.

Hydrophobic polymers create a high-strength, weather-resistant vapor-permeable layer to protect your building and ensure a flawless condition for many years after application.

PPX fiberglass provides additional strength and reduces the formation of cracks.

The PPX system was tested in accordance with ETAG 004 2013 guidelines for the technical approval of external insulation systems with plaster.


Hard Wall Plaster squash courts coating

Armourcoat is the world leader in the technology of the Hard Wall Plaster for squash courts. The Hard Wall Plaster system provides exceptional durability, allowing you to withstand the constant stress of the ball against the wall - at a speed of almost 270 km / h!

Hard Wall Plaster from Armourcoat for squash courts can help to repair any squash courts constructed from traditional materials. The Hard Wall Plaster system is not intended for repair of squash courts, made of prefabricated panels with plastic coating.

The Hard Wall Plaster system allows you to give squash courts an individual color, seamless coverage and has the highest performance. It helps you to preserve the original appearance of the coating for many years.

Additional information can be provided upon request.


Anticrack coating for crack prevention

Armourcoat AntiCrack is a fibre and resin reinforced gypsum skimcoat plaster which will significantly improve resistance to cracking and durability of plasterboard construction. Armourcoat AntiCrack exhibits outstanding tensile strength that has been proven to significantly reduce any movement or cracking between separate boards. Its high compressive strength provides a tough and durable background for all Armourcoat finishes.